Answers for Authors


Hello and welcome to our “Answers for Authors” section.

Choosy Bookworm receives a couple of hundred emails per day, and as you can imagine there is no way to answer them all in a timely fashion.

Because I do want to be sure you’ll have your answer right away, please see below for the most frequently asked questions by our authors.  :o)


Featuring Date

Can I choose one specific featuring day?

We schedule books based on available spots per newsletter.  Thus, it is always better if you provide a range of dates, as opposed to just one specific day.  Although we try to accommodate your specific date requests, it is not always possible.  If there is no way we can schedule your book within the range you provided, we will need a new date range from you for a future week or we’ll issue a refund upon request.

Example:  Some authors will provide just one date at sign up – and sometimes, this one date may be a Sunday. Since we generally do not send newsletters on Sundays, sadly these authors miss the chance to be featured in time.


Scheduling and Confirmations

After I sign up, when will I hear back with a scheduled date?

Thank you for signing up!  We usually do our scheduling on Sundays, and the confirmation emails usually go out on Mondays.

Example 1:  If you signed up (and paid) on a Friday, your book will be assigned a scheduled date that following Sunday and you’ll receive the confirmation email the day after.

Example 2:  Worst case:  if you signed up (or paid) on a Sunday evening, your book will be in the scheduling run of the following Sunday.


I did not get a confirmation email.

Please check your spam folder.  We send out a lot of emails each day, and some of them unfortunately end up in bulk mail folders.  To avoid this in the future, please add our email address to your address book.