Answers for Authors – Read & Review Program

Hello and welcome to our “Answers for Authors – Read & Review Program” section.

Choosy Bookworm receives a couple of hundred emails per day, and as you can imagine there is no way to answer them all in a timely fashion.

Because I do want to be sure you’ll have your answer right away, please see below for the most frequently asked questions by our authors.  :o)



The Reader says he/she can not leave a review because
1. there is no place to leave a review, or
2. they received a message from Amazon saying they needed to have bought the book before leaving a review

Amazon requires that reviews can be left only using an account which has been used to make any kind of purchase.  My guess is that they are trying to discourage some from opening a bunch of accounts and leaving fake reviews.  It makes sense.

Amazon does not require that the reader purchases a book before leaving the review.  If you just glance over the note from Amazon, it seems that way, but when you look closely, you’ll see that any purchase will do.

If a reader can not leave a review, ask them to either

1. Make a purchase using that account (any kind of purchase), or
2. Use a different account, or
3. Leave a review on GoodReads instead