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We offer the following options to promote your eBook:

 – Free Feature (FREE): Submit your eBook for free. In our continuous effort to help authors, we reserve a free spot or two per day. However, we receive approximately 15 submissions for ever one free spot we have available.  If you would like to be sure that your book will be featured, please choose a paid option.

 – Guaranteed Feature ($25): Your book will be placed on our website and will be included in our newsletter, which is read by several thousand readers daily!

 – Premium Feature ($60): Your book will be promoted on the Featured eBooks page of our website and will be included in our newsletter.  In addition, your eBook will be tweeted out on Twitter which will gain you and your eBook much more exposure through social media!

Plus, your Premium Featured eBook remains on’s Featured eBook page for an entire week!

 – Rush Premium Feature ($70): Select this feature if you want the Premium Feature and need your book to be featured within the next 7 days.  I will squeeze in your book on the day you request (if at all possible).  :o)

The extra cost of the Rush Premium Feature covers the extra time needed to rearrange the schedule, manually copy and paste your book’s info into the site and manually add your book into the newsletter.  :o)

eBook Requirements for featuring:



  1. be priced at $3.99 or lower

That’s it.   

In the past, we’ve required 8 minimum reviews, a minimum average of 4 stars, and a minimum of 70 pages.  We have received much feedback from authors who did not meet minimum requirements, mainly because their books were brand new and did not have any reviews yet.  Other authors have contacted us to ask if we would promote a short story for them.   Our rule is now “anything goes” as long as the book is priced at $3.99 or lower, which may be the sales price or the normal price.

As always, we reserve the right to not promote an eBook if we feel that there is not a good match between the book and our audience.  (In that case, we would refund the fees, of course.)

Please submit your eBook at least one week before it is to be featured.  Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that every submitted eBook will be featured.  But, we will always try our best to feature your eBook for you.

We wish much success to you and your eBook(s)!

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Please Note: We will review your eBook on the upcoming Sunday (we always schedule on Sundays so please submit your book by Saturday evening so it doesn’t get missed!) and if we’ll be able to feature it, you will receive a “Your book will be featured” email.

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