Read & Review – Read free eBooks FAQ

Is your love for reading books getting expensive?

Read free eBooks with the Read & Review Program

Purchasing eBooks to read on our Kindle, iPad or other e-reader can get really expensive if you love to read.

For this reason, we’ve built this online library which allows you to read free eBooks in exchange for an honest review on Amazon and/or GoodReads.

We call our online library “The Read & Review Program“, in which an author gifts an eBook for free in exchange for an honest review on Amazon/GoodReads.

How does it work?

Authors agree to gift up to 30 eBooks for free in exchange of an honest review on Amazon/GoodReads.

How will I get the eBook?

Follow this link to see all of the eBooks that are currently in the Read & Review Program.

There are several different formats available and each author will gift one, some or all of these formats. Check the book descriptions to see which formats are available for each book.

1. Amazon gifted copy (you’ll receive an email from Amazon to download the eBooks like you always would. The author pre-pays for the book.)

2. PDF file – you’ll receive a PDF file per email from the author. You’ll be able to read the PDF on the Kindle or iPad and other devices like a normal eBook.

3. MOBI file – you’ll receive a MOBI file per email from the author.

Some authors may also choose to offer Smashwords coupons or other forms of making a free download of the book possible to you. In that case, you’ll receive instructions from the author on how to get your eBook.

After you request the eBook, we will forward your name and email address to the author, who will then send you the eBook. (Please note that authors have to adhere to our strict Terms of Services of the Read & Review Program for Authors and are not allowed to share your name and email address in any way or send you emails you won’t want.)

How long do I have to read and review each book?

Please only choose books you think you’ll be able to read and review within 2-3 weeks of signing up.

How many books can I choose?

You can select and request as many books as you believe you’ll be able to read and review within 2-3 weeks.

What if I just can’t get into the book? Do I HAVE to read it?

No you don’t. If you just don’t enjoy reading one of the gifted eBooks, just send us a quick email to let us know. We don’t want you to have to read any books you won’t enjoy. If you do not read a book, please do not leave a review. (Even after emailing us, you will receive a reminder to review the book. These are automated. Please just ignore it.)

Click here to select a different eBook to enjoy.

What if “life happens” and I can not review the eBook in time?

Life happens and we understand. If you are not able to read and review the eBook in time, don’t worry about it. We fully understand that things come up. Simply read and review the book as soon as you have the opportunity.

Do I need to email you to let you know I reviewed the book?

Not at all. We greatly appreciate you for taking the time to leave a review. The author appreciates it as well! Please do not email us to let us know you reviewed a book. We simply don’t have the manpower to respond to every email that comes in. Please feel free to select another book to enjoy.

Where do I leave the review?

Please find the book you’ve read on Amazon, scroll down to the Customer Review section, and click on “Write a Customer Review”.

Amazon won’t let me leave a review. Why?

Some readers do not have the option on Amazon to leave a review. Most commonly, this is simply due to the fact that the reader has made no purchases of a physical product with that Amazon account yet. If that’s the case, Amazon does not allow you to leave a review (most likely to avoid a bunch of fake accounts leaving fake reviews.)

If this happens, you have two options. You may either:

1. Make a purchase. Any purchase. This will verify to Amazon that you are, in fact, a real human.

or 2. Go to, find the book, and leave a review there.

Do you have any Review Guidelines?

Yes. Please be sure to:

1. Leave an honest, courteous review with no spoilers.

2. Include this disclaimer at the end of the review: “I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an review.”

For additional ideas, please go to author Donna Fasano’s blog for a post on how to write a good review.

Anything else?

Please feel free to email me with further questions at any time. Who knows, maybe I’ll add it to the list. :o)


All my best,

– Jay