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Self Help & How To The Joy of Craft
Zane Claes
The Joy of Craft Available as: Gifted eBook through Amazon

Money equals happiness. Success means satisfaction. Or so the world tells us.
Creativity, achievement, and rewards will leave us empty if we don’t find joy in the pursuit of these things. And many of us don’t, despite our hopeful expectations…

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Self Help & How To How To Celebrate Winter Solstice
B010W8L0KI By Teresa Villegas

Available as: PDF

Not into Santa? This gem is for families who want something new this winter holiday; one that includes the tree, the lights, the giving of gifts, all the fun! The Winter Solstice affects us simultaneously as we change, evolve and stay connected with our natural world, with others, and with ourselves…

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Self Help & How To Real Life Superman: the Training Guide to Become Faster, Stronger and More Jacked than 99% of the Population
B00Z40QYZG By Markus A. Kassel

Available as: MOBI, PDF

What If You Knew a Sure-Fire Way to Build the Ultimate Body and Become a Real Life Superman?

You’ve always dreamt of developing the physique of a superhero – ripped & muscular, powerful & explosive – but nothing you ever tried gave you the expected results? You’re slowly starting to lose hope…

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