Choosy Bookworm’s Read and Review (R&R) Program Terms for Readers

Welcome to the Read & Review Program! :o)

The following are the Terms and Conditions for Readers who use the Read and Review (R&R) Program.

As part of Read & Review (R&R) Program, you, the reader, will receive a free eBook in exchange for an honest review after you have read the book.

After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email from Choosy Bookworm if you are selected to read and review the requested book.

After you request a book, your email address and name will be forwarded to the author who will contact you by email with the eBook and/or instructions for receiving your book.

There are several different formats available and each author will gift one, some or all of these formats. Check the book descriptions to see which formats are available for each book.

1. Amazon gifted copy (you’ll receive an email from Amazon to download the eBooks like you always would. The author pre-pays for the book.)

2. PDF file – you’ll receive a PDF file per email from the author. You’ll be able to read the PDF on the Kindle or iPad and other devices like a normal eBook.

3. MOBI file – you’ll receive a MOBI file per email from the author.

Some authors may also choose to offer Smashwords coupons or other forms of making a free download of the book possible to you. In that case, you’ll receive instructions from the author on how to get your eBook.

The author can not require you to sign up for his/her newsletter first before receiving the eBook, as this would be against our Terms of Services for Authors.

You are asked to read the book and leave a review on Amazon and/or GoodReads within 21 days.

You have the freedom to change your mind and not read and review the book for any reason after signing up for it. We understand that life happens.

Choosy Bookworm will send you two automated follow up emails to remind you to leave a review. The author is also authorized to send personal reminders to readers who have not yet reviewed the book.

You the reader are only authorized to contact the author regarding the book you requested. Do not request another book from the author. Also, you are not authorized to contact the author for any other reason as that could be considered spamming the author. The only exception to this is if you have already signed up for the author’s personal email list.

Any reader who requests another book which is not in the R&R Program from the same author could be banned from the R&R Program.

All readers are asked to be courteous with the authors, just as the authors are asked to be courteous to the readers.

The review left should contain no spoilers or plot twists.

At the end of the review, please write the following disclaimer (required by law):

“I received this book in exchange for a review.”

The author is only allowed to contact you, the reader, in regards to the book you have requested or to invite you to opt in to the author’s personal newsletter. You have no obligation to opt in to the author’s personal newsletter, but are welcome to opt in if you like.

Any author who contacts the reader for any other purposes, such as additional books to read and review which are not in the R&R Program is in violation of Choosy Bookworm’s Terms and Conditions. Please inform Choosy Bookworm in case of such violation.
Okay, that concludes all of the boring mumbo jumbo that comprises the Terms and Conditions. :o)

Once again, thank you so very much for being a part of the Read & Review Program!

Enjoy your books and keep on reading! :o)

– Jay