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Thank you for submitting your book.  If you need to be sure that your book will be featured, please consider guaranteeing your feature by selecting a payment option below!  :o)

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Choosy’s Feature Options:

 – Guaranteed Feature ($25): Your book will be placed on our website and will be included in our newsletter, which is read by several thousand readers daily!

 – Premium Feature ($60): Your book is featured on our website and receives one of the TOP SPOTS in our newsletter!

Plus, your premium featured book remains on’s Featured Books page for an entire week!

 – Rush Premium Feature ($70): Select this feature if you want the Premium Feature and need your book to be featured within the next 7 days.  I will squeeze in your book on the day you request (if at all possible).  :o)

The extra cost of the Rush Premium Feature covers the extra time needed to rearrange the schedule, manually copy and paste your book’s info into the site and manually add your book into the newsletter.  :o)